Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weeks 14 and 15: Evaluation reporting – Discussion

Round Tables at the Roundhouse by mikecogh

The online meeting will be scheduled in week 15 at 19:00 - 20:00 on Thursday 24 November 2011 - Evaluation reporting - (not week 14 as previously indicated on the course schedule). I realise that most of you may not be at this stage in your evaluation projects as yet. Even so you can start thinking about this stage and hopefully join the online meeting.

Activity Twelve - Prepare a draft discussion about your evaluation results, report this to the class and invite feedback.
  • Collaborate to prepare a draft report with discussion of your findings – add to your project wiki.
  • For your discussion - think about how your findings have answered the evaluation questions.
  • Explain why the results obtained from the data you collected and analysed have or have not answered the evaluation questions.
  • Refer to the evaluation literature you have annotated to compare your findings to others' research.
  • What recommendations can you make to assist the decisions you listed in the evaluation plan? 
  • Report your draft discussion to the class and invite feedback.
For example, if you were evaluating the design of an online course, you may comment on the key features of the design that students and staff found useful for learning, and mention similarities or differences from the research literature - it might be common that students dislike using discussion forums, or that navigation and the clarity of instructions are key areas which 'trip' students up when learning online.

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