Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 13: Evaluation literature

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This week you are probably preparing the second assessment and writing up your findings. If you haven't got that far don't give up as I realise some groups have had a few delays. We are now up to reporting and information as well as activities to guide you in this phase is on the wiki. We begin with an activity which will help you to critically analyse your findings, and prepare the discussion section of your report. The discussion forum is set up on emit for you to discuss the information you are reading in the articles.

Activity 11
Discuss examples of evaluation literature that can be used in your report.
  • Search for and select suitable articles or reports to discuss on the eMIT forum. (Hint: it is advisable to find evaluation studies that use a methodology similar to your project.)
  • Annotate the articles - include enough information to be useful later on if you refer to the research in the Discussion section of your report.
The following prompts may assist:
  • Which evaluation theories underpin the research?
  • What methodologies were used - design, sampling methods, sample sizes?
  • What were the main findings and recommendations?
  • How similar or different to your results are the research findings in the articles?

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