Monday, November 28, 2011

Weeks 16 and 17: Evaluation reporting

In the last two weeks of the course, you are putting the puzzle together and preparing the evaluation report (Assessment Three). If waiting for feedback on Assessment Two, the Results, you can still work on the draft report, and also ensure your blog is up to date (Assessment Four). The final date for submitting these assessments is week 17 (11 December) - I can extend this to 14 December if you want these marked before Xmas. If this is not possible, please make contact and negotiate a date in the new year. If Assessments One and Two are outstanding, you need to make contact asap to negotiate submission dates.

Please fill out the poll about the weekly hours you have spent on this course.

Activity Thirteen - Evaluation reporting – preparation of a draft report
  •  Access the Evaluation report template and add to your chosen document application - Word processing application, project wiki, or Google docs.
  • Prepare the final sections of the report – conclusion and recommendations, executive summary and reference list - collaborate in your groups.
  • Invite feedback - I suggest you email the lecturer and others in the class to alert them.
  • Adjust sections of the Evaluation plan so they are suitable for the report - rewrite in third person, past tense, and include feedback from the marker. The sections are: Introduction, Background and rationale, Aim or Purpose and Evaluation questions, Decisions, Methodology.
  • Adjust Results (Assessment Two) and add to the report.
  • Make sure the Appendices are in order. 

Activity Fourteen -Finalise the evaluation report (Assessment Three), and your reflections about the evaluation process on your blog (Assessment Four).
  • Submit the final evaluation report in pdf format. You can email this to the lecturer, and link to the report on your blog.
  • Summarise your reflections about the evaluation process for Assessment Four on your blog.
  • Notify the lecturer and the rest of the class when this is ready.
  • Sit back and relax - you did it.

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