Monday, September 26, 2011

Week Nine and Ten: Finalising plan and reflection on the group evaluation process

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Countdown this week - please get your draft plans ready for me to give feedback. I will be on leave from 1 to 17 October, and will mark the final plans on my return. However, to make sure you are ready to contact participants in readiness for collecting data after the course break - 10 to 21 October - I need to provide feedback on your evaluation design this week. I hope you can meet the deadline. I have included two activities - this week's and next.

Online meeting this week
The online meeting in Wimba will be on Thursday 19:00 to 20:00 for last minute queries about the planning process and collecting data.

Activity Eight- Finalise and submit the final plan.
  • Incorporate feedback into the plan
  • Organise collection of data – send out invitations to participate. 
Activity Nine- Reflect on the group evaluation processes you have undertaken to develop your plan.
  • Check the criteria for assessment four in the course handbook.
  • Update your blog according to the criteria.
  • In particular, on your blog - report and reflect on the personal contributions you have made to the group process during the development of the evaluation plan - which sections were you responsible for, what did you contribute etc.
  • Indicate what you learned about working in a group.

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