Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week 2: Quality and evaluation

Image: Rowan by kevinzim
This week, we are taking a look at what constitutes quality in eLearning and discussing this topic. As part of this, you will be investigating the importance of quality, and establishing a definition of evaluation for eLearning which fits your professional context. There is a presentation to watch and some reading to do. The presentation will introduce some terms associated with evaluation, e.g. formative and summative, and hopefully give you another perspective about the subject.
  • There are three questions for you to ponder and post to your blog. A short email about your main points would be a bonus.
  1. Why is evaluation important to you and how do you define it?
  2. What sort of evaluations mentioned on the presentation are familiar to you already and why?
  3. Why is quality important in eLearning?
Do check out Adrienne's post which will start the week off for you on the subject. Note the resource she has shared with us - this could be very useful when you are thinking about which aspects of eLearning you will evaluate. For example, will it be the course design or the support given to students or something else?
Do you agree with her reasons for ensuring quality in her courses and do you have the same issues?

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