Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Summary week One

Hawthorn berries (cratageous monogyna) - Image by Dave-F almost retired

I just love this time of year when all the berries are appearing. We have some lovely juicy blackberries near us which my Briard and I love to eat. of course she prefers that I feed her the berries but the prickles don't seem to bother her too much.
There has been a good steady start to the course. Most people have set up their blogs and sent the links to the email group. Still missing a few so it would be great to get you all linked to the course blog. A few couple still to get connected on the email group.

Some of you may be waiting for the "real time" sessions to clarify some things about your blogs. I am looking forward to talking to everyone. If you can't make the sessions on Tuesday 3-4 pm and Wednesday 7-8pm, there will be a recording available. I will also be in touch by phone from time to time just to check in that everything is going ok.

Chocolate fish to the people who have set up blogs for the first time and others of you have re-activated your blogs for this course. A great effort!

We have a good mix of people from around the country - apologies if I have missed anyone. Two people from the South Island - Rachel (Dunedin) and Liz (Wanaka). Eight people from Auckland, four of whom are from Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) - Michelle, Krishan, Joy, Herve - with Craig, Sam and Debra RW from private training organisations (PTO) in Auckland. Four people from UCOL in Palmerston North - Kay, Debra, Elaine, Heather (Bulls). One person from a PTO in Wanganui - Iain. And Adrienne from Kamo in Whangarei. We also have Minhaaj joining us from Pakistan.

I have learned something new today re Kamo - "The name is a Māori word meaning "eyelash",[1] but has also been said to mean "to bubble up", referring to hot springs in the area." (Wikipedia.) Perhaps Adrienne will tell us more about her hometown on her blog. It will be great to get so many different perspectives from the mix of people from different backgrounds in the course. All links to people's blogs that I have so far are on the course blog and the snippet feed will update as you post - I hope.

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