Tuesday, February 24, 2009

back-up plan if you are unable to get into Elluminate

Dear all
our back-up plan if you are unable to get into Elluminate - I hope you have tested it already. You need to do this well in advance in case you need to download Java on to your computer. If you cannot get in do the following:
  • call Help desk - 0800 765 948 - open 9am to 9pm
  • text my cell phone: 021735438
  • check the email group for updates - evaluation-best-practiceATgooglegroupsDOTcom
  • log into Skype - download if not already using this and invite me: Skype name - bronwynannh
  • get yourself a glass of wine!
Some tips for connecting to Elluminate
  • Once you get the Elluminate page, select 56kps even if on broadband - this gives a better quality sound.
  • Make sure your microphone is plugged in before you click the meeting link.
  • run the audio set up wizard via Tools/audio.
Student services helpdesk for Elluminate
Remember to check in with the student services helpdesk - 9am to 9pm. I will let them know today that we are using Elluminate for this course and the times of our two sessions this week.

Helpdesk for technical computing assistance is available by phone and email.

Ensure you tell them your name, my name, name of the course and a brief description of the problem.

This information is also on the course wiki under HELP.

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