Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome to evaluation of eLearning for best practice

It is my great pleasure to be able to facilitate this course again in 2009. The course runs from 23 February through to 3 July (apologies I was a week ahead of myself before with a start date of 16 Feb). We will use a variety of ways to communicate - this course blog for announcements, your blogs for communicating your ideas for your project to the class, and an email discussion forum for bouncing ideas off each other. More about this further on.

My priority in the course is to help you plan and carry out an evaluation project which is relevant to your work. I can't wait to get into some discussion about your ideas for evaluation, and am looking forward to assisting you to carry out your evaluation projects.

Evaluation is a key part of any design and development process as you can see in the diagram of the ADDIE model and this will provide us with a lynch pin to keep the course focussed.

This course blog will be used for announcements, and to summarise the weekly activities on your blogs and in the group discussions. The course calendar will be used to remind you about the weekly schedule. Please fill in the poll on the right so we know how many will be attending the first class meeting. This will be a low key get together to introduce yourselves and chat about the requirements for the course.

Course content: this is on the Evaluation of eLearning for Best Practice wiki (WikiEducator). All you need to know to get started is there.

Discussions: these will take place in an email forum this year and you should have recieved an invite to join the group. You are encouraged to also comment on specific items on each other's blogs.

Dates to notice: these will also be marked on the course calendar.
  • Holiday break - 6 April to 17 April - over Easter - after week 6.
  • Course ends 3 July.
  • Due date for final submission of assessments - 10 July.

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