Thursday, March 5, 2009

Recordings of this week's meetings

Image: Satellite Dishes by watchsmart

This week, we had a couple of good sessions on web conference using Elluminate and a good turnout to both sessions. Unfortunately it was not straightforward for some people who could not access Elluminate from their organisations. Hopefully the IT issues will be resolved by the next time we have a session in a fortnight's time. There were others who had other things come up, or could not get Elluminate to stabilise, but don't worry, the sessions are optional and recorded (not the same though is it), and I look forward to you all being able to connect at some time or other.

The Tuesday session was also pretty unfortunate for me as I kept getting booted off Elluminate and thankfully the group was able to keep conversations going without me. My Internet provider is looking into the problem. Apparently it has to be really bad in the analysis Telecom does on the line for them to actually do a lot. Looks like I might be investing in a satellite dish or six! :(

The recordings of this week's sessions are now available and are also on the wiki.
Tuesday 3 March at 3- 4pm - the recording of the meeting.
Wednesday 4 March at 7- 8pm - the recording of the meeting

It was good to clarify the assessment requirements and discuss people's backgrounds in elearning and their interests in evaluation. Some good ideas came through last night about quality in elearning and evaluation as well.

Last night's group asked for another session in a fortnight at the same time - 18 March 7-8pm. So hope you can make it. I will not be able to run the Tuesday session that week as I will be away, but suggest Tuesday 24 March 2- 3pm. The discussion topic will be announced on the blog on the week with the meeting link.

Also in about a month's time I will start the first in a series of presentations from previous participants in this course who have kindly agreed to talk about their evaluation projects using Elluminate. More to come about this...

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