Monday, September 5, 2011

Weeks Six and Seven: Planning evaluation methodology

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Over the next two weeks, 5 to 18 September you will continue planning your evaluation project, and will explore and prepare the evaluation design (methodology) - sampling methods, instruments, triangulation, and methods you will use for the analysis of data. Activity six and seven are relevant for these two weeks. Remember to look on Wikieducator (you can also get there via Course activities in eMit) in the Planning section for more detailed information about the activities. You will notice I have changed things around a bit. I am currently working on the other two sections which will go up - Results and Reporting.

Online meeting
This week we are very privileged to have a wonderful guest speaker, Professor Tom Reeves who will speak about evaluation and the connection to good design.  The online meeting this week is on Thursday 8 September 2011 12:00 - 13:00 using a guest Wimba link, not the usual classroom.  I will post more details about the link on eMit, email and on Wikieducator. I hope you will be able to make it. Apologies for getting the day wrong earlier.

Activity six:
  • Collaborate in your groups to design the methodology for the evaluation – add to your project wiki.
  • Use the resources to further develop your evaluation plan.
  • Add the methodology section to your project wiki.

Activity seven:
  • Continue developing the plan and request feedback.
  • Prepare other sections of the plan to complete a draft plan – limitations, logistics and time line, budget, references and appendices.
  • Finish writing the Introduction.
  • Add to your project wiki and request feedback on the project forum. 
Using the project wiki
Remember, the beauty of using a wiki to develop your plans is that it becomes very much a work in progress - enabling you to keep revisiting and reworking the plan as your ideas unfold. You can expect your ideas to change all the way through as you develop the plan - if they don't I will be worried.  So don't expect to get each section perfect before moving on to the next section. When you prepare the methodology you will probably have to go back to the other sections and change some things. This is easily done on a wiki, and it is easier to see how each section is fitting together doing the development in this way.
The finished plan is due in the week 26 September so keep working towards achieving this date. You can do it! Please do get in touch if you are stuck or getting sticky. I am happy to Skype with you individually or in groups.

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