Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 14: evaluation reporting

gecko by wollombi
The pic this week depicts my status this last few days - cruising over the weekend in Brisbane - land of heat and geckos.  Three days were spent in Melbourne at the eportfolio conference which was pretty useful for finding out where everyone is presently situated in Australia regardng this form of eLearning.  More on that later. 

So where should you be heading in the course? This week is scheduled to be the second week of your evaluation reporting. I know several of you have started to collect data and some of you may have started analysing material. It is important to decide how you will present this data in your evaluation report. Tables are always good to show frequencies of responses to survey questions. If you think it is easier to see the trends, I suggest you also prepare some graphs. Bar graphs are great for showing frequencies, and if you have small numbers of responses keep your data as numbers. Larger amounts of data work well if converted to % frequencies.

Make sure you check out the exemplars to see how previous students in the course have presented their data.  It will be good if you can upload your findings into Google documents, or something similar and share it with me so I can add feedback. When you are ready you can publish as a web page, and put the url on your blog so others in the class can see your results.

Once your tables and graphs are ready describe what is in them as the Results section, then prepare a  Discussion of findings; Conclusions; and Recommendations. Check out how it is done in the exemplars and use their headings as your template - of course you may wish to use your own. Be guided by the assessmnt criteria for the evaluation report .  Have a great week and see some of you Tuesday.


Liz said...

Thanks Bronwyn for all the good suggestions in here this week, no excuses not to do a good job on our part!! i will make a list and work thru them all, Hope you are enjoying my side of the ditch for now,

Kind regards Liz

Bronwyn hegarty said...

Hi Liz
yes Oz was great. I really enjoyed a tram ride in Melbourne and sitting looking over the river in Brisbane. they are certainly two different cities weatherwise. It was good to see all the wonderful work being done around ePortfolios in Australia. They are certainly well ahead of us in NZ.