Friday, October 8, 2010

Week 10: Conducting evaluation

by Dominic's pics
Welcome back. I see some of you managed a break and took in Sharefest. I was very disappointed I had to withdraw at the last minute - pressing work stuff. Some of you have completed your plans (marking now), and others have asked for extensions. I am on leave myself this week, so it is a self-directed week where you may be finishing your plans or organising to run surveys or interviews and starting to collect data.

I will be back on 18 October, ready to mark plans then. I strongly advise you not to start collecting data until, I have given feedback on your plans especially the survey and/or interview questions. You can organise your participants though.  There are three weeks scheduled for collecting data so still plenty of time.

It is great to see that most of you are still posting updates to your blogs even though it was the "holidays". I promise I will get round them when I get back on 18 October, so it would be great if you could look after each other in the meantime. Have a great week.

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