Monday, September 6, 2010

Week Six: Summary - Planning and more planning

Scene from Christchurch earthquake by Benjamin Humphrey 
Lets start the week with words of support for everyone affected by Saturday's big shake up. I hope people get back to the status quo as seamlessly as they can. The clean up will be incredibly challenging.

Several evaluation plans are starting to appear on the project wiki pages. If you are linking from your blog - make sure you put the link to the actual project page, to save people hunting around. here is the summary of activity for this week. Excellent to see the feedback you are giving each other.

Kevin has put up a lovely message to people re the earthquake, and a wonderful summary about some blog posts he has been reading. It looks like Kevin and Jon have made a good start on their project page.

Rachel has illustrated some of the hassles associated with collaboration and technology - nothing is simple it seems. It looks like Rachel and Alex have given Misha and co some good ideas for collaboration.

Lisa has put up an excellent cartoon which really illustrates some of the dilemmas we find ourselves in regarding eLearning. Look out for the 10 tips for eLearning.

Meena and Misha have been evaluating the Digital Information Literacy module. It is a very thorough evaluation, and they provide different perspectives. They make a very good point about the level of interactivity which is reiterated by Kevin. Alex has asked a very important question about how the module could be used as is.  The reader is given a good overview of the module with some very helpful ideas for improvement. A great evaluation of the resource.

Misha has also posted a summary of her email discussion about issues of time for development - if you stand up and state the actual hours you work on developments - are you going to start a revolution?

Katie is on a roll with her sheet of paper - a great way to plan the "big picture" questions and the project.  I am looking forward to seeing them appear on your project page.

Dana and Louise appear to have a few challenges with finding uninterrupted time to meet. This can certainly make it very challenging to get the ideas and creativity to flow. It will be good to see their plan unfold on the project page. Louise says it is tricky to "clarify the distinction between an aim and a purpose, and it can be "a grey area". I believe they have found the solution.  " aim is a more broader approach to evaluation in relation to our topic and that the purpose is more specific".
I look forward to the story unfolding further.

Keep planning team - you are doing great work.

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