Sunday, July 25, 2010

Welcome to the Evaluation course - Introductions

Image: Introductions by Wonderlane

Hello everyone it is fabulous to see there are 12 people enrolled already. You might like to see who your compadres are by having a gander at the class list. I can't wait to see your introductions, and find out who you all are and where you work. These can be on your blog, on the wiki or on the email forum - instructions are in the  Introduction section on the Course Home page ( _Effective_Practice_Guidebook).  There is a short introduction on there to tell you how I got into the field of eLearning.

  • First things first - please read the information on the Home Page carefully. 
For example, check out the course timetable - this gives you the list of weekly topics and activities. Make the timetable your pin up on the wall for the next 17 weeks. It is wise to try out the link to the web conferencing as soon as you can. The first sessions will be so we can meet each other and start getting to know each other. There are two choices for web conferences this week: Monday 26 July 16:00 to 17:00, OR Wednesday 28 July 18:30 to 19:30. After that there will be fortnightly class sessions where myself or a guest speaker will do a short presentation, and then we will discuss the scheduled topic of evaluation.

Email Discussion Forum: once you  Apply for membership to the class email group, I will use that as a means of getting information to you quickly. We can also use the email forum to discuss stuff about evaluation, and for questions and answers. This blog will be used for the weekly update and to summarise the week's activity, and a link to new posts will be sent out on the email group.

The other places to look at on the Home Page are the tabs called:  Introduction  |  Assessments
All the information you need to get started is there. If you are unclear about anything, or get stuck when setting up your blog or joining the email forum or the wiki, email or call me as soon as possible.  The phone information is in the Handbook you were sent, and my email is on the Home Page. So lets get down to it.


Dana said...

Hello Bronwyn,
My name is Dana Karem from Manukau Institute of Technology. Thank you for taking the time to construct this. It seems that we will be enjoying this course and I am really looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bronwyn,

Just checking in and attempting to set up everything I need. Looking forward to getting into it.

Hi Dana! Hope you had a good break. :)

Alex R-G

crozmish said...

Hi,this is Misha checking in. I recognise Dana and Alex from last semester! And I think there are some others. Not sure how well I am doing at setting things up!
Time will tell.
Regards, Misha

Dana said...

Hi Alex and Misha, nice to see you again :-)

Katie said...

Hi Bronwyn,
Hello you familiar ones! katie Gibbs here like Alex still doing the navigating and bookmarking all the different pages to visit. Working out what my report will be on when I don't teach a course.
Kind regards

Anonymous said...


Veronique said...

Hello everyone

I'm also checking in and will be linking up to the elluminate session tonight.

I have the same problem as Katie in that I don't teach a course so I'm not sure yet what I will do for my report.

McBlog said...

Check it out:

Louise said...

Hi everyone
Good to catch up with everyone again and to meet new people. This is my blog. Please feel free to comment and discuss anything as we go along together on our journey through the evaluation course. Looking forward to hearing from fellow members of our community. Louise