Monday, March 30, 2009

class meeting recording (paradigms, models and methods) and next meeting

At the last last class meeting, people indicated that Thursday evenings 7 - 8 pm were a good time for a get together. On Thursday 2 April between 7-8 pm NZST, six of us had a discussion about: the theory and practice of evaluation - paradigms, models and methods.
Here is the 2 April class meeting recording.

If you are confused about all the choices and the terms associated with evaluation this is your chance to clarify some things. There was a short presentation and discussion.
The next class meeting will be after the holiday break - 23 April 7-8 pm NZST. Meeting link

I am organising some dates with previous course participants to talk about their evaluation projects. This should help you with your ideas. Once I have confirmed the speakers, I will put up a list with dates and time. Hope to see you there, and as usual recordings will be available.

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