Sunday, May 11, 2008

Week nine: Prepare and present an evaluation plan

This week you will need to spend time preparing a digital presentation of your plan. This is so you can gather feedback on your ideas. Have a think about how you might do this. Perhaps a poll on your blog or an elluminate session? I can help you organise this. Make sure you have checked out the schedule.

Prepare your plan and present it according to the Assessment and Marking Schedule. (Remember you need to have have negotiated your plan with me first and posted it on your blog.) Provide feedback to at least two plans. Once you have incorporated the feedback you received, you are ready to submit your written evaluation plan (Part two A: Negotiate and write an evaluation plan) in the Digital Dropbox in the course Learning Management System or on your weblog or via email - but do email me even if you use the DDB. If you prefer you can put your plan in Google docs and post a link to it on your blog - remember publish it and give me access.

I will be running a poll this week to find out if anyone would like a question and answer session on Elluminate and also to find out if people have found the presentations to date helpful. Please get in touch if you are stuck on anything.

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