Friday, May 16, 2008

Summary Week 9: Prepare and present an evaluation plan

Thank you everyone who has responded to the polls. It looks like 3/7 would like to have a question and answer session on Elluminate in the next two weeks and 5/7 are not sure.

Suggestion: I will run another poll with some dates and times for an Ellminate session.

The presentations have been found to be helpful by 3/7 and 4/7 found them sort of helpful. Solution: I will now run a poll to find out what sort of synchronous sessions you would like.

Well this week has been steady with a few plans appearing in their final iterations, and Gordon is the first person to post a presentation for us to look at - excellent work Gordon. It is good to know that this course has been influential in getting him to conduct some evaluation into the use of a computer-based product. Now I have watched the presentation I am much clearer about how he is going to use the "blender application". It sounds like a useful tool to measure eLearning. I also liked his example of why he is going to do some cross-tabulation. That is the perceptions of senior staff versus less senior staff.

Gordon should get some excellent data to manipulate and the mixed methods approach will make up for the small sample. As a pilot evaluation it is excellent and can easily be tweaked if he finds it is necessary to evaluate the product further.

Gordon mentions some free software for audio recording - My Mp3 Recorder - and also Myplick for loading presentations and audio synching; this is the same facility used for the evaluation presentation you viewed in the second week of the course. Another free utility for audio is Audacity. I would be interested to know which one people find easier to use.

Helga is very happy as she has started gathering data for her evaluation, and is preparing a presentation for us to look at it. A public version of her final plan is yet to come. She also invites some discussion on her latest blog post about the use of surveys at the end of a course - How to motivate participants to fill out the survey (or happy sheet). I have moved her initial discussion post from the main WikiEducator discussion page to the course discussion page. There is already some great discussion happening on the topic on Helga's blog in the comments section.

Rika has got a few gremlins in the electronics and in her original plan due to organisational "hiccups", and she is working towards getting her presentation to us. How about some encouragement for her on her blog. In the meantime her plan is posted on her blog and ready for you to give her some feedback.

Yvonne's approach is original - she is asking about enjoyment and creativity in relation to the use of a Moodle learning Management System in a blended course. On her latest blog post, there is a link to her final plan and a very good one it is too. Refreshing to see this, as so often teachers are too focused on getting "down to business" and only want to find out how something was used - not how much enjoyment or creativity the students were exposed to as a result. I hope she manages to get the sample she would like. Good to see a mix of likert-type scales in use and open-ended questions.

This reminds me - if anyone is planning to use an online survey - Survey Monkey is free and easy to use.

Sue has her draft evaluation plan ready for people to view on her blog and is ready for you to give her feedback. As part of the evaluation, Sue is going to investigate the effectiveness of existing online formative assessment methods through a range of data collection methods involving students and tutors. Looking very good Sue. :)

So far we have six people marching onwards and getting close to collecting evaluation data with one already doing this. Others have some great ideas for their plans and their plans are coming. Others are still with us and trying to clear work commitments so they can get on with the course work. I will be in touch with those of you who have been very quiet.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can do to help you progress with your evaluation plans and projects. I am absolutely thrilled to see such a range of evaluation types and your ideas and plans are superb. It is encouraging to see how each of your plans, your ideas for evaluations are all very original and interesting and based on thorough research and thinking.

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