Sunday, May 4, 2008

Week eight: Negotiate and write an evaluation plan

Welcome back from the holiday break. This week we continue on with Negotiate and write an evaluation plan - see the post I made before the holidays.

A few people have been negotiating their plans with me and I have given them feedback. You can take a peek at the evaluation plans and some of my feedback for Yvonne, Helga, Hilary, Rika and Gordon. It will be good to see more plans this week and next.

On Thursday 8 May at 730-8.30 pm there will be a presentation by John Milne from Massey University (Wellington) about the eLearning Guidelines project he is leading. He will be able to give us some examples of evaluation projects around the country which are measuring against a range of eLearning Guidelines. It will be good to talk to you all again.

Click on the meeting link.

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Sue said...

Hi Bronwyn,

Just wanted to let you know I found John Milne's presentation last Thursday to be VERY informative.
I also very much enjoyed the way Elluminate and the WhiteBoard was used to create student participation and engagement.

Unfortunately I had to leave before the session finished and would like to review what John said.

Was this recorded? I'd very much like to see/hear the presentation again.

- Sue