Thursday, April 24, 2008

presentation - Sandra Elias - evaluation of online discussion in a midwifery course

The third presentation by one of the Evaluation of eLearning in Best Practice alumni was by Sandra Elias from Vancouver. Sandra Elias conducted a summative evaluation of online discussion used for assessment in a nutrition course in a midwifery degree. The presentation eventually happened, but without any of the class present. This was due to a mix up in the difference in time zones - Canada versus NZ. Anyway we have Sandra's presentation with audio for you to listen to at your leisure.

You will find that Sandra's project is different again to the other projects we have had presented; she looked at the perceptions of students about assessment using an online discussion board. Whereas Bonnie and Suzy evaluated a DVD resource used in an online course, and Selena, Trish and Lois investigated the impact of a Learning Management System and the ways in which academic staff transferred their learning from one system to another. So we have two evaluations which were looking at effectiveness (summative) and one impact evaluation.

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