Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Teleconference how did it go?

It was great to have a good sized group join the teleconference today. It is always good to hear voices and put names to the voices. Only one person managed to connect via computer conference and quickly joined us on the phone.

It looks like we have a group of varied experience - some are experienced with online learning, others are just starting out and some are experienced in some tools and technologies but not wikis and blogs. Something for everyone!

It was good to hear that everyone was keen to experience eLearning as a student, and find out more about formal evaluation and put it into action where they work. It certainly saves time to combine work and study activities. The consensus is that the course could take
6-10 hrs per week depending on how fast people read and work...this is taken from others' experience in other courses in the Graduate Certificate in Applied eLearning. It is an individual thing.

The first week is gentle and then we will be cranking up the volume - helpfully of course and it is good if everyone looks out for everyone else and steps into help....if you ask of course they will know. I get a strong feeling this will be the mantra of this class - looking out for each other.
...more on the next instalment.....

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