Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Class meeting today

Well two people have voted to meet today 4-5pm and I will be there to meet you. Teleconference details will be emailed to the class and posted on Blackboard. I will also have the Elluminate meeting link open as well (this is in the course calendar on this blog), but it looks like people have been having trouble accessing the meeting site from within their organisations.

Congratulations to the three people who are up and running with their blogs, and the three people who have found the Discussion area in the wiki and introduced themselves. I am looking forward to seeing more blogs and discussion pop up this week. I am adding links under participant blogs. You might like to add this course blog link to your blog - blogger's new layout features make this easy peasy to do and I am sure WordPress is as user friendly.

I have to find out how to add your blogs as an RSS feed and will do that later this week.

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