Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 4: Evaluation planning

Crocus by Sids1
 The most popular day and time for online meetings appears to be Thursday evenings 19:00-20:00. The next meeting will be on 25 August at 19:00 hrs in the Wimba classroom. We will discuss evaluation planning and your project ideas. Remember to make a time to skype with the lecturer if you wish to discuss your evaluation projects.

Activity Four
You will begin developing your evaluation plan over the next few weeks, and a series of activities will be carried out, starting with Activity Four. For this activity you will need to describe the background and rationale, goals, and decisions - on your project wiki using the evaluation plan template (on eMIT in Course Activities).
  • Email the lecturer with the name of your group, and the members so that a Group space can be allocated with the project wiki. 
  • Decide on the type of evaluation - formative or summative - based on the Reeves and Hedberg model, or another one you wish to use (please discuss this with the lecturer).
  • Explore the reasons for your evaluation project, goals and the decisions to be made - begin the plan.Add the evaluation plan template to your wiki space in your group. 
  • Remember to post your ideas about your evaluation project on your blog.
Resources to help with this are available on WikiEducator in the section - Evaluation Processes - also via Course Activities in eMit. Have a great week.

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