Monday, August 8, 2011

Summary of week one activity

Confused by Kristian D
The week has started well and eleven people have an individual blog up and running for activity one with an introduction, and there are some wonderful photos to look at. I am now getting a sense of who you all are, and where you work, and also have more understanding about your previous experience with evaluation. Look and see how many people are working in the Hair and Beauty Schools at MIT - I can feel a project coming on in that area. We also have people from Nursing and Health areas, and  lecturers in ESOL , electronics and mathematics, and business communications as well as a programme coordinator with a role in quality assurance and a distance learning manager. The blogs of seven others in the course are still to come, so it looks like we have a hearty number studying the course this year. It is fabulous to see that a number of you know each other already from other courses, and some of you are close to finishing the Graduate Certificate.

Most people are using the emit blog, and two people - Oonagh and SandraH have chosen to use external blogs. I will be interested in hearing about your preferences about the emit and external blog platforms once we have got underway. The links to peoples' external blogs are listed on the course blog - see to the right, and both Oonagh and Sandra have put a link in the individual blog area. Fred has also invited us to view his Personal Learning Environment.  

Online meeting archive
We also had the first online meeting, but there was a hiccup and one person could not get the technology working on the day - so make sure you run through the wizard on the Wimba classroom well in advance. The archive of the recording is available - click on Online meetings in emit, then Wimba Classroom, and once Wimba downloads scroll down the page past Enter Room and all the phone numbers until you see: Online classroom meetings - 08/04/2011 13:38 - future archives will appear there. 

Poll about a time for online meetings
Chocolate fish to the three people who responded to the Doodle poll. We also had a chat about times in the first online meeting. Please respond to the poll and indicate your choice of day and time for the regular fortnightly online meetings. It would be great to find a time which suits most of you. So far, Tuesday 5pm and Thursday 5 pm or 7pm have been mooted.

Are you confused?
Some of you may find the use of emit and external platforms for the Course blog and Course activities a tad confusing. The best plan is probably to enter the course via emit and use the course timetable to guide you with each week's activity. I will also post an overview on the Course blog each week and send a reminder on email. Once we get going you will hopefully get the hang of it. Make sure you ask questions if you are not sure what is expected - on the Questions and Answers discussion forum in emit so everyone can see, or on email to me, though brave people may wish to use the Comments area on here. ...Off now to prepare this week's blog post.

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