Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week 3: Continuing - What is evaluation and why evaluate?

Image: Winter fog by  bronwynannh

This pic is a view from my house in the hills - feeling cold? We are now in week three of the course, and continuing the same topic from last week.  So if you are feeling a bit behind, you are not, as two weeks were scheduled for this topic.  It is very good to see you are managing to find partners and participate in the activities. Here are some stats to keep you up to date: there are 15 participants in the course; fourteen of you are subscribed to the group email, and eleven people have provided the link to their blog. If you have not set up your blog already, make it priority this week - more instructions further on in the post.

We are continuing to look at evaluation and find out why it is necessary. In this post, I summarise what you need to have done to get started, and remind you what you should be doing this week. If you are still unsure  after reading this post, the best thing to so is email me (as some of you have done), or email the group 
(ee4ep@googlegroups.com) for clarification - you need to have subscribed already - Go to: http://groups.google.com/group/ee4ep - Make sure tell me who you are so we don't get any mystery guests.

Getting a partner
 If you don't already have a partner - put out a request to the email group. If you still have no luck, email me - we do have an uneven number so we may need a group of three.

What you need to have done to get started
 Firstly read the instructions in the Introduction page on the wiki. Priority is to:
  • Set up your blog and post the link to the Wiki discussion for the Introduction page or the Group email.  I will add it to the Course blog. 
  • Join the email Discussion Group.
  • Get a partner.
  • Check out the tasters with your partner. 
  • Read about the assessments
  • Say hello on the email group. 
What to do this week
Look at the Course timetable - we are continuing the topics about evaluation - the nuts and bolts of evaluation - you can find the information and activities on the wiki at: Why evaluate?  

As part of this you are doing a mini evaluation project - Evaluate this!
  • Attend the web conference if you can. 11 August - 18:30 – 19:30. Check out the instructions on the Home page. This will be a general discussion about evaluation in eLearning from your own experience.