Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week nine: Prepare and present an evaluation plan

Image: Presentation area by Plutor
Now that you have your ideas for your evaluation projects coming together you can gather them up into a formal plan. I am impressed by the level of activity so far. Once you are happy with your draft plan you can present it to the class for feedback on your ideas. Some of you have already done this on your blogs, and others are waiting for my feedback before "going live". By the time I get round everyone, week 9 may well be over, however this is not critical as you can still begin organising the logistics for the evaluation for the next couple of weeks and some of you still have questionnaires etc to develop.
Things to do:

  • Thursday 7 May 7-8pm NZST - attend a guest speaker presentation with Gordon Robinson via the Elluminate Meeting link. Gordon will speak about the evaluation plan he used for the 2008 course when he carried out a maintenance evaluation. The title of his talk is: Evaluation plan for the Hazardous Substances Awareness course.
  • Choose a medium for your presentation. Straight on your blog is fine or you may wish to link from Google documents or create a separate slide show presentation.
  • Check the suggestions for the presentation in the Assessment and Marking Schedule.
  • Provide feedback to at least two other plans.
  • Incorporate feedback and submit the written evaluation plan (Part two A: Negotiate and write an evaluation plan) in the Digital Dropbox in the course Learning Management System (let me know on email if you do this) or on your weblog or via email to the lecturer.
  • If you prefer you can put your plan in Google docs and post a link to it on your blog - remember to publish it as a web page and give the lecturer access as a collaborator.

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