Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Link to try out computer conference Elluminate

I would like to hold the next evening meeting on Thursday 6 March 730 - 830 pm (not 13 March as agreed with Tuesdays group) - I will be away on leave on 13 March and I am not going to be able to get a successful link up as the house where I will be staying has no Internet.

This will be an opportunity for people to try out computer conferencing and to have a chat and ask questions . Results so far from the blog poll indicate that the majority of people (n=8) have a preference for computer conferencing. To access Elluminate for computer conferencing you will need to make sure you have Java downloaded on your computer first - then elluminate should work from home but possibly not from your organisation.

I have set up a meeting link for you to try out. At:
this will stay open until 14 march and I will use it for the 6 March meeting as well. The meeting link is called: Evaluation best practice march meeting. You only need to enter your name NO password needed.

Please let me know how you get on - remember a microphone is needed if you are going to be able to speak.

The teleconference on Thursday 6 March at 1215 - 1pm is still a goer as well for people who are not free in the evening so you can say hello to me and others in the class. Contact details will be posted in Blackboard soon.

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oneteachersview said...

i am sorry for not getting on to this quicker, I thought i would get my fees paid first. Damn student loan. I hopefully will be able to make the conference on the 6th March, I have a year 9 ICT class at that time though.